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Visuel identitet


In collaboration with Office Collection, Brandstorm has reshaped their online presence. Through strategic web redesign, seamless e-commerce integration, and a refreshed visual identity, we’ve created a cohesive digital platform. It was important to us to create a website, that gives positive impression to its visitors, and motivates them to get active. Prioritizing user experience, we enable effortless browsing, streamlined purchasing, and a captivating brand presence.
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Visuel identitet
User portal 


We have updated the visual appearance and prioritized ease of use and navigation, as well as added functions that motivate users to actively use the website and integrate it into their everyday life.

This comprehensive overhaul ensures a problem-free user experience and effectively communicates Langenæshus’ identity. Explore events, activities, and essential information via the user portal.

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Visuel identitet


We successfully delivered a website redesign project, which involved creating a new identity for the brand. Our team revamped the website’s visual appearance, incorporating modern design principles while aligning with the brand’s guidelines. We focused on enhancing usability and navigation, ensuring a seamless user experience. The project encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of the website’s interface, information architecture, and visual aesthetics, resulting in a cohesive and engaging online presence that effectively communicates the brand’s unique identity.